Data science consultant with a background in statistics and mathematics. I have produced insightful reports as a data analyst in a variety of projects and now the lead data engineer for an interactive data-dashboard.


  • July 2019 to Present: Strategic Consultant, Amey Strategic Consulting (London, UK)
    • Lead data engineer of a GIS (Geographic Information System) dashboard creating insights into operations and tracking KPIs for a local government. (AWS, Kubernetes, Flask)
      • Created the ETL data pipeline in Python to load data from IoT devices, online APIs and daily reports into a central database. (Airflow, Postgres)
      • Built the visualisations which gave the client new interactive insights about their work and automated manual processes. (Javascript, React)
      • Designed and built a proof-of-concept application to manage and collect data from a network of IoT sensors to monitor infrastructure assets in real-time.
      • Identified an inefficiency in the client's work allocation and developed a predictive machine learning model to enable data-driven planning. (FB Prophet)
    • Collaborated with the HR department to analyse the gender pay gap of thousands of employees across all departments in the company.
      • The visualisations, statistics and forecasts I produced using R guided the company when choosing to become a living-wage employer.
      • Developed a Python package to automatically perform these forecasts and trained an HR analyst with no prior Python knowledge to use the package to produce new data reports.
    • Completed a focused two week analytics sprint evaluating the output of a contract Amey has with a local council.
      • Collected user-stories and datasets from the client's team to understand their processes and goals.
      • Delivered an engaging presentation with insightful data visualisations highlighting key successes and opportunities for improvement.
    • Joined a team during "crunch-time" to successfully complete delivery of an interactive computer-vision dashboard to review dashcam footage, removing the need for a human co-driver. (Azure ML SDK)
  • June 2018 to September 2018: Data Science Services Intern, Asia Analytics Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan)
    • Created extensions for data cleansing and data mining in SPSS and SPSS Modeller using Python and R.
    • Wrote an in-depth tutorial on programming using SPSS Syntax from scratch, allowing new users to understand the important features of the language quickly and start analysing data.


  • 2015 to 2019: MMath Mathematics, 2:1 (University of Exeter, UK)
    • My Masters' dissertation involved combining modern neural networks using Keras with more traditional regression and Gaussian processes models with the aim of providing more human-understandable insights to machine learning algorithms. I successfully modelled a neural network using multiple techniques in a way that simplified the complex internal system to well-understood statistical processes.
    • Other modules included statistical modelling using R, machine learning using Python and spatio-temporal statistics.


  • September 2020: Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • May 2020: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals


  • As well as being fluent in Python, R and SQL for data analysis, I develop personal open-source projects in the languages Julia and Typescript as a hobby. My portfolio of personal projects can be found on my website (ha.nnes.dev).
  • Languages: English (native), Afrikaans (fluent), Spanish (intermediate) and Mandarin (beginner).